Five weeks of Remapping Retail in Southeast Asia

Join us in our mission to remap all stores in Southeast Asia and grab a share of the $1000 per day reward pool. Invite your friends and get rewarded even more!

Join our second campaign

📅 When: For five weeks, from July 7 0:00 SGT until August 10 23:59 SGT

🌏 Where: Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and also in the city of Gurugram (Gurgaon) in India

✅ The task: Mapping as many retail POIs as possible. As you know, Covid really hit these businesses hard. Many of them are closed, so existing maps are quite outdated. We want to help local businesses and we need your support! What does “retail” mean here? Anything that’s a store, a shop, a restaurant, and so on. Anything where you can spend money and you get something in return, goods or services. It does not include residential POIs like a condo, schools, public transport, etc.

🥇 The rewards:

  • $1000 daily prize pool paid in EQUAD for Geolancers who added at least 25 POIs that day. These rewards are paid by the end of the next day. Only retail POIs count toward the 25 per day.
  • $500 per country reward in EQUAD at the end of the campaign for Geolancers who added the best photos with the POIs. Yes, the new Geolancer app has photos 🎉  The best photos will be selected by the Geolancer team.
  • $10 reward in EQUAD for every new Geolancer you invite, if he or she adds at least 100 POIs throughout the campaign. Make sure that give your email address in the registration form (the last field). These rewards are paid by August 16.

About Geolancer

The Mission

Mapping all the Points-of-Interest (shops, convenience stores, and others) in your neighborhood.

The Tools

All you need is the Geolancer mobile app and the spirit of an explorer. You can do geolancing any time and get rewarded with crypto while helping local businesses.

The Reward

Geolancers are rewarded in eQUAD, a cryptocurrency you can hold or convert to other crypto and spend it anywhere.

Work on your own schedule

Be a full-time 9-5 Geolancer or spend a few hours in your mornings or evenings mapping your neighborhood. You are your own boss, and you decide how much do you work and how much eQUAD you get as a reward.

Get rewarded with crypto

Geolancing is the best way to explore the world of cryptocurrencies without going through an exchange and purchasing it. Our support team is always available to help you with the technical side.

Join a global community

We are rolling out Geolancer in many countries globally, so you can share your experiences, compete for the top of the leaderboard, and make friends with people half a world away.


Become a Geolancer 

Geolancer is currently in public, guided beta. If you are interested in joining the campaign, fill in the form and we will get you started immediately.

The public beta is available for Android users, in seven countries: Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam and also in the city of Gurugram (Gurgaon) in India.

To participate in this public beta, you need to have a Telegram account. We also ask for the email associated with your Google Play Store account. It is often the same as your “normal” email, but some people prefer to use a different one!

© Quadrant Protocol, 2021

Disclaimer: Quadrant seeks to reward participants in the Geolancer program with our native cryptocurrency, eQUAD. You agree that participating in Geolancer does not create an employee-employer relationship between yourself and Quadrant and that Quadrant is not responsible for the price fluctuations of eQUAD on the open market. 

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