Guardian NFTs

Guardian NFTs are won by collecting Points-of-Interest (POIs) across your city.

They give you permanent bonuses for as long as you have them. Better still, bonuses are stackable – the more NFTs you have, the more bonuses you’ll get.

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December 2023 Guardian NFT: The Glitchlings


The Glitchlings, mischievous and ever-resilient malevolent forces are reappearing just when the Guardians least expect them. 🐞 They impede the Guardians from restoring harmony in the world by causing chaos throughout the land. 🔥

The Guardians must unite to uphold their legacy of defending the world and restoring its harmony. Get the Glitchlings NFT collection now! ⏳🗝


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Permanent Bonuses

Get lifetime bonuses for all the Points-of-Interest (POI) that you collect.

Real Utility

Every NFT gives an additional 0.1% bonus to all POI rewards.

In the future, the NFTs will provide even more utility for its holders.


You’ll continue to receive the bonuses for as long as you have the NFTs.

The bonuses also apply to premium POIs. 


The more NFTs you have, the more bonuses you’ll get.

For example, if you have 12 NFTs, you’ll get an additional 1.2% multiplier bonus for all POI rewards.

Unlimited Chances

Area-specific NFTs

The world will be divided into areas that are 4.9km x 4.9km in size. These are called Geohashes.

Each Geohash represents a Guardian NFT that can be won by all Geolancers.

You may compete to get multiple NFTs from different Geohashes.

Monthly winners

There will be a new Guardian NFT to be won in each Geohash every month.

For example, if you’ve won the May NFT for Geohash w23b4, you can compete for the June NFT in the same area.

You may also travel to different Geohashes to increase your chances of winning the NFTs. 

How to get a Guardian NFT

Head out and add POIs

Download Geolancer, create an account, and head out to add nearby Points-of-Interest (POIs) such as restaurants, shops, convenience stores, gasoline stations, and more.

Not sure how to add a POI? Tap here.

Monthly lottery selects NFT winners

A weighted lottery will be conducted in every eligible Geohash to select the winner of the NFT.

Each POI that has been approved, including premium ones, count as one ticket in the monthly NFT lottery. 

> Learn more about the lottery

Get bonuses for life

The NFTs will be awarded to you in 5-6 weeks after the collection period.

You can win the May NFT based on your activity in May (the collection period), and the NFT will be sent to you in early July.

> Learn more the NFT bonus distribution

Boost your winning odds

Go to unexplored areas

On the Geolancer home screen, tap on the map layers located at the top right. Then, tap on “NFT”.

You’ll see Geohashes in three different colours: green, light blue, and dark blue.

You can boost your winning odds by adding POIs in the green or light blue Geohashes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) refer to items that are unique and therefore cannot be replaced with something else.

Trading cards (e.g. NBA, Pokemon) are examples of physical NFTs. They are unique as they possess different properties such as colour, rarity, character stats, and even price.

NFTs typically refer to digital representations of collectibles which are stored in the blockchain.

The digital nature of NFTs come with significant advantages:

  • It doesn’t degrade
  • You can cryptographically prove that you own it
  • You can send it to anyone fairly quickly and safely
  • It is easy to create utility for it (e.g. getting store discounts if you own an NFT)

Guardian NFTs provide extra and lifelong rewards for all Geolancers.

Whether you’re a new or a long-time Geolancer, you have the chance to win an NFT!

Fair Lottery System
A lottery system decides the winner of the NFT in the particular Geohash. Nobody is guaranteed to get an NFT. However, you can increase the chances of winning the NFT by getting more POIs.

A good reason to visit unexplored areas
If you think there are too many Geolancers in your Geohash, you may go to a different area (e.g. a rural area) to collect POIs and enter the lottery there.

Lifelong rewards
The bonuses from the NFTs stay with you for as long as you have the NFTs. 

Instant rewards booster
You can trade, buy, sell, and transfer NFTs before the day that the bonus rewards are sent (i.e. the second Tuesday of the month). What matters is how many NFTs you’re holding in your Geolancer crypto wallet when the bonus is calculated at the end of the day.

Each POI that has been approved counts as one ticket in the lottery.

Keep adding good quality POIs in different Geohashes to increase your ticket numbers in different lotteries (each Geohash will have its own lottery).

You only need 1 ticket to qualify for the lottery. The more tickets that you get, the more chances you’ll have at winning the NFT.

If there are 100 tickets and you own 10 of them, you have a 10% chance of winning the NFT in the Geosquare that you got the POIs from.

The NFTs will be awarded to you in 5-6 weeks after the collection period.

You can win the May NFT based on your activity in May (the collection period), and the NFT will be sent to you in early July. Likewise, you’ll receive the June NFT in early August.

The timeline of awarding the NFT is designed to ensure that all POIs added between the collection period (e.g. 1 to 31 May) will be reviewed and approved before the lottery is conducted.

So don’t worry if you added a POI on 31 May and it’s not approved yet! Your POI, if approved, will still qualify for the May NFT lottery.

The bonuses are typically sent out within 7 working days after all the NFTs have been given out.

Tap here to go to the NFT lottery page for more information.

The first set of NFTs will be distributed on the first week of July 2023. The monthly NFT lottery in July will be based on your activity between 1 to 31 May 2023.

On the second Tuesday of July, all NFT holders will receive bonus rewards for the POIs they have added in June, so long as they have been approved.

On the Geolancer home screen, tap on the map layers located at the top right. Then, tap on “NFT”.

You should see the Geohash that you’re at and the nearby Geohashes as well.

A Geohash typically has a five letter name (e.g. w23b4).

Yes, you may trade your Guardian NFTs on Opensea. The bonuses are attached to the NFT, once you’ve traded them, you will not have the bonuses anymore.

You can always get the bonuses back by competing for an NFT or purchasing one.

Yes. The bonuses applies to all POIs including event and premium POIs.

At the moment, the NFT bonus rewards are capped at 20%.

As each NFT gives you a 0.1% bonus reward, you’ll need 200 NFTs to reach the maximum rewards.

You may choose to put up any excess NFTs that you may win on Opensea.



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